Update on the Zune issue

Date December 31, 2008

Who called it? Who da man?. Zune freeze issue is a result of the Leap Year. OK, enough gloating. Hopefully they'll fix the firmware before 2012 ;-)

Note to anyone selling equipment

Date December 31, 2008

ALWAYS wipe your equipment before you sell it to anyone. This includes things like hard drives and network devices. I can't mention any names at all, or specifics, but I ordered a couple of refurb routers a few days ago, and I was very surprised today when I saw full router configs in place, complete […]

Zune: Y2K + 8 11.9/12

Date December 31, 2008

If your Zune doesn't work this morning, it's not just you. Apparently, Zunes all over the world froze at or near midnight(local time) last night. The fact that this follows an iPhone post isn't me gloating, that's just a coincidence. Promise. ;-) [Edit] It just occurred to me that since this is a leap year, […]

The mobile device is dead! Long live the mobile device!

Date December 31, 2008

My blackberry died at a particularly inopportune moment over the holiday weekend. Specifically sometime between when I went to bed on the 25th and when the firewall cluster members decided to kill each other on the 26th. In any event, I didn't find out about it until nearly noon, which is Not Good(tm). To rectify […]

Scare Tactics and Security Warnings!

Date December 30, 2008

I like looking at big scary apocalyptic events. There's just something...calming...about it. Watching movies where the Earth gets destroyed makes me feel better about the real world and how comparatively un-screwed-up it is. This tendency of mine has spread to the internet, I think. I talked about some crazyness a while back, but today's news […]

Adventures in VOIP part 2

Date December 29, 2008

This is a continuation of Adventures in VoIP part 1 Elastix The harder half of this endeavor has been the configuration of Elastix. I missed most of the operating system install, but I have been doing a lot of the work getting the extensions set up and configuring the operating panel. My boss got to […]