I found this today:

In case you’re too lazy to check it out, the Tower Bridge in London sends a twitter every time it opens or closes, with the name of the boat it’s opening for. wow.

I wonder how long it will be before SNMP traps are replaced by Twitter messages from servers.

“I am now shutting down due to: processor meltdown”

  • Michael Janke
  • Matt


    nice! I hadn’t gone back through all of your blog posts, so I didn’t see that.

    Cool idea. Do you use it for similar things to email alerts? I don’t check RSS feeds as often as I’d need to in order to stay alert for important system events, but I have thought about a ‘bot to sit on the AIM or Google (as well as our internal jabber network) to alert the appropriate people via instant message.

  • Matthew

    Matt, do you use twitter for anything? This just inspired me to create an account, but I’m not sure what, if anything I will do with it. It seems I have a lot of accounts like that, oh well.

  • Matthew

    So I came up with a use for this (not necessarily a good one, or one that I will use), when I go into the laminar flow hood (sterile environment) at work, I tend to get really mad when my phone rings (it COULD be an emergency, right?) because it is a bit of a process to get in and out of the thing. Anyway, I suppose it might shut some people up when I’m doing shit like that. Whatever.

  • Matt


    Awesome idea. Like a physical-world “DND” status. I like it.