Entries from June 2008

Backing up config files

Date June 30, 2008

As systems administrators, we're responsible for maintaining a semblance of consistency across the infrastructure. Obviously, devices across the network will probably not match each other identically, but consistency in this case is more than just identical configurations in multiple cases. It's maintaining a standard documentation profile for every device, in whatever language that device understands. […]

DNS Changes through ICANN

Date June 29, 2008

In case you haven't heard the news, and probably everyone has, ICANN has passed, by unanimous vote, to "relax" the rules that limit the top-level domains. "Relax" is maybe an understatement. The phrase might be "completely rewrite the internet". To make a long story short, for the low, low price of $50,000 to $100,000, you […]

HOWTO: Order a T1

Date June 27, 2008

Many administrators out there have networks whose connection to the internet is broadband based. Whether it be cable, DSL, FiOS, or something else, your sole connectivity relies on this service. For many small locations, this is sufficient. Lots of small offices don’t need the reliability of dedicated circuits, but others can’t survive without it. If […]

Storm Weathered

Date June 26, 2008

Well, we made it through the storm with no ill effects. It's bright and sunny now, and everything looks fine. This is usually when danger strikes ;-) Today I'm going through the last of the configuration details for the equipment I'll be driving to New Jersey next week. The process of setting up the colocation […]

Outstanding Weather!

Date June 25, 2008

I write this, hunched in my basement, tornado sirens blaring. My wife and I are in Columbus, OH and it looks like this: What a glorious looking storm, eh? I'm absolutely certain that the storm will knock out power to our backup site. We don't have a working generator there, but luckily I had the […]

Appropriate Redundancy

Date June 25, 2008

I think we can all agree: more uptime is better. The path to that goal is what separates us into different camps. The men from the boys, or perhaps more accurately, the paranoid from those who have never had a loaded 20amp circuit plugged into another loaded 20 amp circuit (true story from the colocation […]