Email to the position, not the person

Just a small note that comes to mind as I register this Belkin IP-KVM that just came across my desk.

When you go to register an asset, hardware or software, invariably you are asked for an email address. The initial knee jerk reaction is to use your normal email address, but they really don’t want your email address, they want the email address of the systems administrator. Sure, you’re the systems administrator, but that won’t matter later, when you’re not.

I use an alias on my normal user account, [email protected] for these occasions. I know that I’m not going to be in this job for another 30 years (at least I hope not, Dear God), and when I hand the reins to someone else, they’re not going to want to deal with trying to figure out whether something is registered in my name, or the guy who came before me, or if they already did it and forgot. So I use my sysadmin alias, and they will too, I imagine.

Just another courtesy you can extend to your future usurpers.

  • Scott Cover

    Even more frightening thought… take over as a new IT Admin for a company that never had one. Everything is registered under a different persons account and it takes months to sort it all out… true story.

  • Matt


    Wow, that’s rough. I’m sure you’ve got more than a few horror stories to tell.

  • Anonymous

    Makes sense to use that kind of a email. Thank you for advise ;)