Entries from October 2008

Re: System Administration needs more PhDs

Date October 31, 2008

Tom Limoncelli has a post up today entitled System administration needs more PhDs. He makes some great observations and brings up a lot of interesting questions. The one that I think the others flow from is "Why are good practices so rarely adopted?" My opinion, gained through observation, is that sysadmins arise from one of […]

Dell's DRAC card sucks

Date October 30, 2008

I've worked with the my 1855 blade enclosure for a while, now, and I feel pretty confident in saying the following: A) Dell's DRAC is a very useful device which facilitates remote administration B) at least it would, if it didn't suck so much The blade enclosure comes with a DRAC module that is inserted […]

A couple of amusing videos...

Date October 29, 2008

This is hilarious...I can't believe I only just found thisThe Website Is Down and..I...I'm not even sure what to say to this.... why you should give your sysadmin a day off

Outsourcing your web hosting

Date October 28, 2008

I found this link on Reddit today, and I thought that some of you may be shopping around for hosting. 4 things your web host doesn't want you to know At one point in time, we were looking at a hosted space away from our (then pitiful) primary and backup sites, the idea being that […]

The weather outside is frightful...

Date October 27, 2008

but the warm air blowing out of the back of the servers is so delightful... It snowed on my way into work today. So of course, during my drive, I thought of all the things I was going to have to start doing. Among them was annual maintenance on the work generator. Typically, maintenance on […]

Multiple privilege levels in IOS

Date October 23, 2008

I knew it was possible to set up multiple privilege levels in IOS, I just never had the gumption to research how. It's not a topic that comes up a lot, just something that sort of sat in the back of my mind making me wonder how they did that. If you're in the same […]