Outsourcing your web hosting

I found this link on Reddit today, and I thought that some of you may be shopping around for hosting. 4 things your web host doesn’t want you to know

At one point in time, we were looking at a hosted space away from our (then pitiful) primary and backup sites, the idea being that as a last case scenario, we could redirect users to that site which stated that we were having issues.

Eventually we got to the point that we felt comfortable with our data sites and canceled the hosting, but if you don’t currently have a backup solution, a cheap parked host somewhere might not be a terrible idea.

Here’s a page on how to choose a web host. There are many similar pages

  • JeffHengesbach

    Good link Matt. Aside from watching out for a few gotchya’s, I’m a strong proponent of outsourced web hosting. A lot of the decision to in-house / out-source can be based on specific technical reasons unique to each business’ requirements. But there several facets out-sourced hosting can provide that are not often reasonably provided in-house:
    1) Security burden – a huge issue with websites
    2) HTTP server expertise(IIS/Apache/etc) – specialized tuning and configuration knowledge that may not exist / be current in-house.
    3) Bandwidth. Think ‘slashdot’ effect / seasonal traffic. It’s usually unrealistic to keep huge pipes laying dormant just to handle short term traffic spikes.

  • Matt

    Thanks, Jeff. You make really good points about outsourcing, and like you said, so much of it is based on reasoning specific to the business. There are certainly times I wish I could outsource my web stack, but a few hundred gigabytes of reports and databases say otherwise :-)