Extending Mediawiki for all your sysadmin needs

Date December 23, 2009

Way back in June of 2008, I mentioned that I had setup an internal wiki (using MediaWiki) here, for my own use, and for anyone else who wanted to use it. At the time, I lamented the fact that I hadn't figured out how to reliably manipulate the wiki database. A year and a half […]

Rack Area Networking? But what if all you've got is a rack?

Date December 22, 2009

Have you heard of Rack Area Networking? I hadn't, until last week or so. According to Nigel Poulton, it's the newest craze sweeping the server rooms of the rich and famous. Or at least the rich and willing to spend money on hardware. I'm not entirely sure that I've nailed it down just yet, but […]

10 IT Management Predictions

Date December 21, 2009

Nathan Burke, of Aprigo, asked me to be a member of a panel to submit predictions for what IT will look like in 2010. The results are out. 10 IT Management Predictions for 2010. Thanks, Nathan, for asking me to take part!

Are there blue collar and white collar admins?

Date December 21, 2009

Way back in November, Eric Spiegel write an entry discussing Blue and/or White Collar Developers. The primary difference in that column seemed to be whether the developer had gone to a standard four year institute (white collar) or a two year technical institute (blue collar). It sounds as though some of the reactions of the […]

How did you become a sysadmin?

Date December 20, 2009

Today's sysadvent entry is by Ben Cotton, who discusses the many, many ways that people find their way into the server room. I do have to admit, though...the example at the bottom... "I am a sysadmin because one beautiful summer day, I found a computer laying in a field."...that's me. Comment on the sysadvent site […]

SysAdmin Professionalism Survey

Date December 18, 2009

Tom Limoncelli is doing some research on professionalism in Systems Administration, and our perceptions of where we stand. He created a survey that won't take up much of your time, and if you could, please head over and fill it out. The survey results will be published in a week or so. Thanks!