Emergency Server Room Light

For those of you reading this on Tuesday, Feb 24th, Woot.com has LED touch-n-lights on sale 2 for $7.99 ( + $5 shipping )

Little battery operated lights like this make excellent emergency lights for the computer room. If your electricity is out and you’ve got to work in there, these things are life savers (maybe literally).

I’ve actually got the round kind that they sell on TV. Here’s a froogle search full of similar things.

  • chewyfruitloop

    Thankfully our machine room is a shoe box, with 2 external walls and 3 windows.

    I have an LED maglight, a head torch and 4 3 x LED push lights I can use.

    The problem with shoe boxes is you can’t get light everywhere, especially into our main server rack, which is illuminated at the front only and painted black :S

  • Will

    I find these glue-on battery powered LED lights handy for lots of places, including the back entrance to my house, you can tap it on while you find your key!


  • Kenny

    It was on Two for Tuesday too. I couldn’t pass up the deal. This would also help out with a dark server room

  • Jonathan

    If your looking for a plug in power failure light, check out the ones at Sam’s club. 3 in one led light The battery in it is not replaceable, but it is rechargeable.