Step back from the ledge, careercast says it’s all ok

Apparently, Computer System Analysts are the third least stressful jobs in America.

According to the description on their site, Computer System Analysts “plan and develop computer systems for businesses and scientific institutions”. I’m sure in whatever make believe world they live in, there’s a magic wand that you can wave and infrastructures grow like corn. Around here things work a little differently.

Also, if you look farther down the list, Software Engineer is #8.

Great job, guys.

  • Nick Anderson

    Ya know sys admins didnt even make the top 200 list.
    Yep apparently Nurses Aids, Lumbar Jacks, Librarians, and Flight Attendants all have better jobs than we do.

    Well sometimes I don’t doubt that. Although one of my job hazzards is not getting lopped in half by a stray saw, though I am probably slightly susceptible to the paper cuts like Librarians.

  • Nick Whalen

    However you forget the hazzards particular to our job. Like tripping on a cable some twit decided to run on the floor of the server room.

  • Matt

    @Nick A

    >"…one of my job hazards is not getting lopped in half by a stray saw…"

    I read that and thought immediately of Indiana Jones ;-) I suppose archaeologist (or finder of rare antiquities) is out of the question.

    @Nick W

    Very true. Loose floor tiles, dangling and loose cables, electrocution, and cardiac problems ;-)