It’s only a slow day on the blogosphere

I subscribe to around a hundred blogs. I’m not going to list them all, because a lot of them probably aren’t that interesting 75% of the time, and I’ve linked to most of the ones that continually post good stuff.

It never ceases to amuse me a little whenever I read someone’s blog entry that says “You probably noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot lately”, because unless it’s one of a handful of people, I probably didn’t miss (or even notice) their lack of posts. I typically wake up to ~40-50 things in Google Reader, and I don’t have time to read all of those. I recall offhand that I was sort of worried about Bob when he went on vacation and didn’t post anything about it beforehand.

I guess I judge how busy someone is by the number of posts that they put out there, particularly bloggers who have a history of consistently posting good, solid entires. You can sort of tell that Michael has been busy, and I imagine that Jeff has been crushed with work.

Likewise, I have not been posting. AMANDA has been kicking my butt. It took a trip to #AMANDA on IRC for me to really wrap my head around the idea that she really should schedule the full and incremental backups herself, and that I need to let her do it.

That doesn’t relieve me of the requirements in the backup policy, though, so I’ve got to have additional end-of-week backup tapes, too, which means a second scheduled backup set for each discrete item. Anyway, a full AMANDA write up will be forthcoming after I get the solution in place and documented.

And to compound problems, I wiped out my only copy of the configuration I’ve been working on mid way through and had to recreate it. *groan*

So to summarize, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as often, though I’m touched if you noticed, and I don’t see my current workload slacking off, since my boss is taking vacation next weekend and I’ll be pulling double duty on occasion.

  • Ben C

    My first indication that you were busy was that I’ve had no comments on my blog. Since you’re my only reader, I figured either I got really boring or you got busy. :-)

    You’re right though, I rarely notice a lack of updates until the next update when I say “oh gee, I haven’t seen anything from this site in a while.”

  • Matt

    Heh, yea. When I’m busy like this, I’ll sometimes do drive-by commenting, like “oh, time to catch up on this” comment on whatever’s in google reader at that point. It’s just been hectic. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  • Reamer77

    Sadly, I find myself “tweeting” more than blogging. I haven’t really experienced anything in the Sysadmin realm that I have felt compelled to write a blog post about. And I try to keep my blog entries confined to Sysadmin topics.

    Instead of these goofy “links of the day” blog posts I see all the time now, maybe I should aggregate my daily tweets that are sysadmin related? (90% kidding/sarcasm)

  • Michael Janke

    I’m amused by the ‘have you missed me?’ posts also. I suspect that they are stats driven.

    There are some bloggers whom I view as ‘a few good posts’. They post rarely, maybe once a month, but when they post, it’s almost always worth a full read (rather than just a scroll-by)

    I’m not sure of the daily-link posts. Some are interesting and well thought out, others are just noise. I usually don’t mind the ones that have a few sentences attached. That at least puts them into context.

    A daily post of daily tweets is the worst. If I wanted that, I’d follow the person on twitter, wouldn’t I?

  • Reamer77


    HEH. Yeah, my idea about putting in Tweets to my blog was a joke. I liken it to the web links posts and someone’s “” account. I think that most of them are just excuses to regularly post to their blog. Then again, is not nearly as widely used as Twitter. And once in a while I’ll find a nugget in their list of links.

    OK, I talked myself out of hating all links blog posts. But, I wish those people would actually do other things with their blog too. Daily links could easily be tweeted.

    (now I’m kicking myself for getting on the Twitter bandwagon) :)

  • Matt

    I think I would like twitter a lot more if you could filter which posts you received.

    Take a person’s blog. A blog typically has a topic, whether it’s admin, or IT, or boating, or just whatever the person is interested in. That’s fine, you subscribe because you’re interested in the topic covered by the blog.

    There’s not really any sort of implication that just because someone is, say, a kernel developer, that all (or even some) of their tweets will be kernel-devel related. I’m guilty of this myself. I look back through my tweets and maybe 55% of my posts are sysadmin related. Lots of them are responses to people who send me @ messages, so if you’re not following whoever got the @, you don’t have any idea what the conversation is about.

    Then there are the people who monopolize my twitter page. 20 posts in 3 minutes is excessive, especially if it’s a series of conversations. My rule of thumb has been that if I’m going to reply to the same person more than one in a row, they get a DM instead.

    Then there are the political rants that I don’t want to read even if I happen to agree with their perspective.

    It’s just cruft-filled, and the signal to noise ratio is really low. There needs to be a better way to categorize tweets so that I only get what I’m interested in. Until then, I’m afraid twitter will just be something that entertains me while I’m bored. And that doesn’t happen a lot lately.