APC Data Center University

If you’re hankering for some free learning and you have any interest at all in data centers, check out the free Data Center University by APC. I registered, but haven’t “attended” my first class yet. I’ll check it out when I get a little more time, but I just thought some of you might like to know about this, if you didn’t already.

  • chewyfruitloop

    I sat and ran most of the free modules a few months ago. Theres a lot of cross over between various sessions.

    Some things they cover are fairly common sence if you’ve been around the industry for a while though.

    A lot of it is as you’d expect adverts for APC kit.

  • Matt

    Cool, thanks for sharing your experience. There’s always a ton of vendor adverts in any vendor sponsored training. It’s nice that APC offers it for free, anyway. I’ll work on getting through it this weekend, maybe.

  • chewyfruitloop

    they run between 10 and 30 mins a session depending on what you get

    Just prepare yourself with coffee, the people they have doing the narration where obviously picked for their diction, rather than their in depth and enthusiastic zeal for the subject….you never guess they where reading a script :p