• Michael Janke

    Looks like an awful lot of mis-information on that thread.

  • AJ

    Yeah, I saw this discussion over there. Everybody has their own opinions.

    When it comes to “should I replace my cabling?” there are many different scenarios with that. Did you put in the cabling or adopt it? When it was put in, was it up to code? Is it shielded cable when necessary?

    Is it even cat5? I’ve seen people try to use those flat cords for management of switches, etc. as patch cords….

    A whole lot of questions come to my mind but in my use I rarely swap out cat5 cable unless I am aware of a trouble that is occuring. Then I use my SideKick and look for which cat5 the trouble is in. If it’s just patch cables yeah I could see replacing those if you just had some free time on your hands, but I’d only replace them if I actually was having some trouble.

  • Ben C

    I agree with most of the /.ers who said it is a waste of time. Making patch cables can be cathartic, but actually running cables is awful. I wouldn’t mind making my student workers do it though…

  • Anonymous

    I did run into a job ( a long while ago)where they wanted to upgrade from 10 to 100Mb. What they didn’t count on was having to upgrade from Cat3 to Cat5. So unless you are working in an under-funded college or government agency there really isn’t a reason to replace cabling.

    I have found that the connectors are the culprits in most connection issues.