Finally, I have a Safari subscription!

After months and months (and months) of asking, FINALLY, my work got me a bookshelf subscription to O’Reilly’s Safari Online. If you’re unacquainted with this site, click the previous link. It’s an online library of IT books from pretty much every major publisher. With my bookshelf subscription, I can “check out” 10 books a month and put them on my “bookshelf”, so that they’re available to me. With the even cooler “library” subscription, you just go read whatever you want. Your bookshelf doesn’t have limits, and it just goes.


A few months ago, I know exactly what I would have checked out first, however I now own the most excellent tome The Practice of Systems and Network Administration. Let me just say that if you don’t have it yet, I give it my highest recommendation.

So my question is, what books do you recommend that I get first?

  • Anonymous

    Well, Time Management for Sysadmins by Limoncelli, of course. But also: Unix Power Tools, Backup and Recovery, and Perl Best Practices are also some of my favourites.

  • Mark Kraus

    I agree on the Time Management for System Administrators! Good read.

  • Bill

    Third for Time Management for System Administrators. Sometimes when I’m bored or not sure what to read, I’ll display all books starting with the newest insertion first. Then just scroll backwards until I find something that looks interesting.

  • shokk

    Another vote for Time Management for System Administrators. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Tom L back when he worked for Mentor Graphics in 1994, and have seen him speak a couple of times at the $GROUPNAME meetings. He has a lot of wisdom to share.

  • Christopher Cashell

    Of the nearly 50 books on my technical bookshelf, if I had to pick a single one related to System Administration, it would be the criminally unknown UNIX System Management Primer Plus. I think it might be out of print, which is a real shame since it only came out in 2002, but you can find copies via amazon.

    I would strongly recommend it to any system administrator.

  • Matt

    @Anonymous, Mark, and Bill,
    I pulled “Time Management…” out of the library a while back and committed it all to memory ;-) You’re all right, it’s an excellent book, but I’m not adding it yet (not until it seeps out of memory, or I get another admin to share duties with to be able to take advantage of many of the suggestions).

    Backup and Recover is a great suggestion, I’ll be adding that shortly, thanks!


    Nice suggestion! I hadn’t heard of this, but added it to the shelf and started browsing through it. Really great stuff. More concise than The Practice, and less of a reference tome. Thanks a lot for the suggestion.