How NOT to cool your server room

Date April 9, 2009

This is a great anonymous set of pictures from someone who was working in an old machine room and was amused and horrified by what they found:

Yes, that is a box fan zip tied to a cable ladder, hanging under a cooling duct.


  • akmattb

    That seems pretty Pro to me :P

  • Michael Janke

    That’s what I was going to say. The tie wraps are pretty neatly done!

    I’ve seen worse. (a fan w/o the tie wraps).

  • Anonymous

    Best I’ve seen so far, was a box fan resting over a drop ceiling opening where they removed the tile. The fan was of course blowing up to take the heat out of the room, but needless to say the vibration of the fan against the drop ceiling support was irritating.

  • AJ

    You and I have def. seen that kind of work before Matt ;)

  • Jim

    We’ve done some hacky things here when the AC goes out, but wow…

    My inner redneck only has one question though, “Where’s the duct tape?”

  • Anonymous

    Why is this bad? My fans are strung up with Cat5 cable….whatever works.