The Goodwill Computer Store in Houston, TX

I’ve been to several Goodwill stores, bothing donating and shopping, and I always see an odd array of old used computer parts. It’s a walk down memory lane, usually. I never dreamed that there would be a Goodwill store entirely devoted to computers. Take a look at some of the pictures there. It’s unbelievable. I’d love to go there and just walk through. Definitely an old-computer-geek’s dream.

  • James

    Houstonian here. Like the author of the article, I also bought stuff from the CompUSA that used to be in that store. I’m more curious about whether they restore the comps to the original OS, or install some flavor of Linux, or something else. They mention wiping harddrives, which would imply they recognize the value of wiping data from complete systems.

    Might be time for a take a little stroll.

  • Matt

    If you go, make sure to come back and write about it. I’d love to post it on the blog!

  • techwrench

    That is a great way to get rid of old equipment that is usable.

    I wish that they would do this type of business around the country… Think of the aspiring computer Geeks that need the expirience do hardware fix and repair.

  • The Doctor

    There’s one in Pittsburgh, too.

  • Ryan Nedeff

    I was *this* close to starting a store like this in my town a few years ago. I couldn’t prove to any banks that there was enough of a market for it though.

    The world needs more shops like this.

  • Chris Wilson

    I’m not sure I’ve seen any shops like that in the UK, there are some wholesale recyclers but nothing like that, nice idea!

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  • Not only are desktop and lap computers being refurbished, but it also also ecologically viable given most electronic equipment ends up in the local dump where chemicals and toxic metals contaminants can leak into the ground water below. There should be stores like this everywhere, that include phones, printers, cameras, gaming systems, etc.etc. It a win-win situation for the environment and consumers,especially those that don’t have enough money to buy new, students and seniors on a fixed income.