Entries from May 2009

Outstanding new sysadmin resource

Date May 29, 2009

I always like posting cool sites and resources that I find, and man, today's is no exception. I'm willing to bet a bunch of you have already heard of it and are probably participating. It just got out of beta the other day, and it's live for new members. It's called Server Fault, created by […]

Software Deployment in Windows, courtesy of Admin Arsenal

Date May 28, 2009

One of the blogs that I read frequently is Admin Arsenal. To be honest, they're really the only commercial/corporate blog that I follow, because it's about many aspects of Windows administration, and doesn't just focus on their product. Shawn Anderson, one of the guys who works there (and a frequent reader here on Standalone Sysadmin), […]

Followup to slow SAN speed

Date May 27, 2009

I mentioned this morning that I was having slow SAN performance. I said that I'd post an update if I figured out what was wrong, and I did. EMC AX4-5's with a single processor have a known issue, apparently. Since there's only one storage controller on the unit, it intentionally disables write cache. Oops. I […]

SAN performance issues with the new install

Date May 27, 2009

So, you would think that 12 spindles would be...you know...fast. Even if you took 12 spindles, made them into a RAID 10 array, they'd still be fast. That's what I'd think, anyway. It turns out, my new EMC AX4 is having a bit of a problem. None of the machines hooked to it can reach […]

Monitor Dell Warranty

Date May 26, 2009

A post over at Everything Sysadmin pointed me to an excellent Nagios plugin: Monitor Dell Warranty Expiration. Great idea!

That was a well needed break

Date May 26, 2009

As of last Wednesday, I had gone 31 days with only one day off in the preceding month. I was burned out. Fortunately, this coincided with my friends coming to visit my wife and I from Ohio, so this gave me an excellent opportunity to deman^H^H^H^H^Hrequest time off, and they gave it to me. For […]