Ah, the pitter patter of new equipment….

Alright, actually really old equipment.

Today my boss is bringing in all of the equipment from the old backup site. There are some fairly heavy duty pieces of equipment, really. I have no idea where I’m going to put it or what I’ll do with it all once I get it where it’s going, but it’s nice to have some spare kit laying around.

Some of it is going to get earmarked for the new tech stuff that I want to learn. Some of the machines have enough processor and RAM that I can make them ESXi hosts, and Hyper-V hosts, since I really do want to try that as well.

There’s a 1.6TB external storage array coming on which I’ll probably setup Openfiler. It should be fine as a playground for booting VMs over the SAN.

No, the real problem is going to figure out who to cool the machine closet, at this point.

Our building (an 8 floor office building in suburban New Jersey) turns off the air conditioning at 6pm and on the weekends. Normally, this isn’t a problem for me, since I’ve really only got 4 servers and an XRaid here. The additional machines that I’d like to run will cause a significant issue with the ambient temperature, and I’m going to have to figure something out.

I do have a small portable AC unit which I believe will process enough BTUs to take care of it, but I’ll have to get the numbers to back that up, and even then I’ll have to figure out how to vent it so that I’m not breaking any codes. Definitely have to do research on that.

So there’s my next couple of days.

  • chewyfruitloop

    if you have a suspended celling, you could try popping a couple of tiles above your rack, just to give the heat an escape route
    we did this back in 2000 when we had a symetrix box over heating our zero ac computer room, we had the fortunate position of the top floor though, and the entire roof space of the building to vent into :)

    there are a couple of possible ways i could suggest to dump the heat from a portable ac (we used to use 3 to cool our racks before real ac units where installed :s), but i think you'll probably have problems being on the 8th floor (plus most landlords don't really want you making permanent changes)

  • Greg

    Assuming you have a suspended ceiling or access to the roofspace, and can convince the powers that be, you might be able to look into a cassette type air conditioning unit. Set it to only kick in once the ambient goes above a certain threshold and (hopefully) forget about it.

    I've got one in my lab sitting in the suspended ceiling cooling 3 racks worth of kit.

  • JeffHengesbach

    I'm envisioning a box fan zipped tied in the opening where a ceiling tile used to be………. ;)

  • Philip J. Hollenback

    Double-check that your portable AC unit is rated to run continuously.

    Also I am interested in systems like freeaire.com that mix in outside ventilation where appropriate. I think the big stumbling block there is controlling humidity.

  • Will

    Don't forget a drip line for the condensate from the portable! (I think small portables you could empty a tank each day?)

  • Matt


    Thanks! I've been considering some ninja plumbing to get to the drain…