Welcome to the future!

Hi! You got here by going to http://www.standalone-sysadmin.com but this domain is not yet complete.

In time, my blog will be hosted here, so what you’re looking at is very much a work in progress. In the meantime, please visit its current home on blogspot: http://standalone-sysadmin.blogspot.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

  • Thanks! I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think. I’m hoping for a launch date in mid-July. I’m moving to a much more powerful VPS from the same people (prgmr.com). Once I get migrated onto the new one and get my data transferred, I’ll go live.

    I’m planning on running the blog in dual form for a few months with taglines for people to redirect their subscriptions to the new feed.

    I appreciate the feedback! Let me know of any suggestions you’ve got!