Did the Slingbox suddenly become passe?

Only curious, because the sysadmin network is giving away a Slingbox Solo. All you have to do is submit a photo of yourself with your favorite piece of hardware, and you’re entered.

As of right now, there are zero (0) entries that I have found. That’s sort of like getting $180 worth of slingbox goodness for free. Why aren’t people entering? Just grab your camera phone and snap, then upload!

For anyone who is unfamiliar with a Slingbox, here’s the wiki page, but essentially, you hook the thing up to your cable, and it lets you watch TV wherever you are. On whatever internet enabled device you’ve got. Seriously, iPhones, Blackberries, whatever.

Upload your photo tonight. There’s no reason not to.

  • James

    There’s no reason not to.

    with the minor exception of not having a TV or cable.

    PS: I’m not seeing a preview button.

  • Except I’m not near any of the cool hardware we use. I’m in Hawaii and our DCs are on the mainland.

  • daybrinjer

    I don’t have cable, or even own a TV, I’ll just stick to online media. (Though I still see 0 entries for it so far) That is a lot of work for something I won’t use but it would be strange to see no one enter…

  • I guess I can understand not caring so much if you don’t have cable, but you could still run cameras through it, DVDs, or whatever. It just seems so neat to not have anyone even enter.

    I’ll have to ask if I’m exempt, since I’m sort of kind of not really associated with Red Gate (who finances sysadmin network).

  • That does seem kinda surprising. If nothing else you’d think someone would try to win one so they can sell it for a few bucks. I wonder if things like MythTV have combined remote viewing with the ability to record shows on a single platform?

  • Ok so I’ll have to join this network, first social network I’ve joined. Looks like a great place to find new RSS feeds.

  • Joe L.

    Well I just purchased the Sling Box and it is great. This product is on the rise. I work over at DISH Network and that’s where I first used the Sling. I would recommend this to everyone. This allows for use of your TV where ever you go.