New Top Level Domain information released

It looks like the buying spree for new top level domains is about to start. The author of that article is guessing that a top level domain will cost around $500,000 to $1,000,000 USD. That’s pretty steep, but well within the range of many businesses and countries.

What affect does this have? Well, aside from many coming software updates which assumed a set number of TLDs, the biggest change is that those of us who have “fake” internal DNS schemes are now stuck with the possibility that our private schemes will become future domain names.

Assigning yourself an imaginary domain has never been deemed a “good idea”, but now you may have incentive to move away from your current scheme.

Just a heads up.

  • Does this mean we are going to finally see the ‘.xxx’ TLD? How about ‘.lookatmeimaravingegomaniacalasshole’ Not you, of course. ;-)>

  • “Expect to see the likes of .amazon, .ibm and .pepsi. ”
    I don’t see that happening, they trademarks are already protected so they do not have to worry about squatters and the average user doesn’t really understand anything beyond .com. Also I don’t see any new information that hasn’t been around for a while. Oh and I really should get that two feeds thing fixed, I just have no idea how.

  • I’ve always tried to use subdomains to refer to special networks. It can get a little long but sometimes I even use sub sub domains. So I end up with things like

    so Bart is a machine primarily used by the qa dept in the ks office for

  • Get rid of TLDs! They no longer serve any useful purpose. We’re practically back at the point where we’re using AOL keywords in browsers anyway.

  • I got lsot on Wikipedia again, then I found this:

    Now I want them to stop fighting and get their TLD so that I can register

  • R. Denison

    Interesting read, though they nearly had me frothing at the mouth – it won’t be “dot amazon” or “dot ibm” – it’ll be “amazon dot”.

    My expectation is that while they’re going to be making money on this, it won’t be Scrooge McDuck levels for the folks at ICANN. More likely the mix of an “Awesome Bar” (Bing Bar?) integrated with search will obviate the need for “domain recognition” at all – combined with EV Certificates and some sort of bonding procedure (We are who we say we are, these people agree, and this third party has vetted us sufficiently that they have tendered this bond on the advice of their actuaries.)

    Foresight regardless, many thanks for your efforts. Your blog has become an enjoyable regular when things aren’t on fire.

  • Kenny Wells

    Who wants to pitch in to help me get the domain is.awesome?