VMWare ESXi – Decreasingly Free As Time Goes On

Hey, what do you say we throw some actual content up here and see what happens…

The excellent virtualization blog RTFM Education has a post today talking about VMware ESXi. Specifically that as time continues, fewer and fewer features work with it.

The case in point started with the remote command line interface being changed to “read only”, which doesn’t make it much of an interface at all.

After that failed to correct itself, a 3rd party backup solution called Veeam was just asked to remove backup support for ESXi.

This is a disturbing trend, and as someone on the brink of making a decision, this weighs heavily. Citrix’s Xenserver supports live motion (live transferring of a running virtual machine from one Xenserver to another without shutting it down) for free. What does VMware offer at this point except a future of heavy skepticism? Not much that I see.

  • From all of my research esxi can be great if you plan on moving to paid esx. Its a cheap starting point. But with xenserver i really see little reason to use esxi. With xenserver you get the full command line interface as well as a decent (though maybe not as feature rich) gui with xencenter. Of course I have been running open source xen for a long time. Only recently have I moved to xencenter but so far i am liking what I see. It also gives that great path to paid support and vendor supported extensions.

  • Hey I have a guestion, should I join SAGE? I see that they offer a student discount and I do have my international student card. Except when I go to sign up they ask a bunch of questions that while I can answer easy I think they are assuming I’m employed in the field. Like for instance my role in purchasing decisions is final if only because I’m the one with the money. And for instance my job position is head system admin but I could also be student. Hhhhmmm, I wonder if they take paypal. I may have to wait until the parents get back from their trip since I, oh wait I could buy a pre-payed credit card from safe-way.

  • Hhhhmm one page says “(A copy of your current student ID, confirming full-time student status at an accredited university, is required.)” I wonder if I can get away with high school full time status. It was good enough for microsoft dreamspark at least.

  • I have been both a member of SAGE and LOPSA in the past. Personally I did not get much benefit from them. Im sure you would qualify for a student discount and if one of the groups would get a mentor program kickstarted that actually would stay sustained I think you would get some benefit from it.

  • Well in that case I’ll expend my resources elsewhere, $30 can nearly buy an intel dedicated network card…

  • I understand that VMware is the business to make money, but I don’t see how they can hope to attract or retain customers by using this method of forcing the same customers to upgrade to paid products.

    I use the free version of the VMware Server product at home, and while it would be a inconvenience to change over to another product (VirtualBox comes to mind), if this type of Vendor behavior occurred at work, we would seriously start looking into alternatives.


    Have you looked into a mentoring program? Check with local computer repair shops(not Best Buy or the like), and your local ISP, inquiring about paid or unpaid internships.

    Experience can be gained from volunteer and internship sources, and not only look good a resume, but give you Real-Life experience in the field.

    Good Luck!

  • Yeah I would love those but options like that will not open up until University. I did try volunteering at a computer reclycler but man those guys just gave me a bad vibe. Thanks for the suggestion though. As it is I’ll continue doing what I love to do at home, going to upgrade some of the network to gigabit soon. As well I am right now working on three websites, really fun.