Welcome to the future!

If you’re reading this via RSS reader, I invite you to come visit the new blog! I’ve got all sorts of enhancements available here, so come check it out!

Lets do an overview of what’s new. First, instead of being hosted on blogger’s servers, I’ve got a VPS for the site, and the domain name is www.standalone-sysadmin.com now. Since there are tons of links going to the old site, I’ve implemented an http meta redirect to a php script that I write. It parses the referrer information and sends the user to the correct page on this site.

The big RSS icon in the top right hand corner of the page links to the feedburner stream. If you subscribe via RSS (and as of today, that’s 585 of you out there just at Google Reader), please update your RSS feed to http://feeds.feedburner.com/standalone-sysadmin/rWoU.

The “commentators” box on the right hand side examines user comments, checks the email addresses, and looks them up at Gravatar, the globally recognized avatar database. I’ve noticed that more and more sites seem to be using it, so if you haven’t setup your email over there, maybe you should check into it.

Everything else should be pretty straight forward. I’ve enabled OpenID logins for those of you who want to use them. The only recurring issue is slowness on the machine. I’ve talked to the hosting people about that, and when a bigger server opens up, I’ll migrate to that. The VPS has 512MB of RAM right now. If this becomes a major problem, I’ll temporarily move the blog back to blogger, but I’m hoping that isn’t going to be an issue. Let me know if you find it to be.

So that’s it. Feel free to leave feedback! Thanks!

  • therek

    Matt, your redirect on blogspot is wrong, it leads to: http://www.standalone-sysadmin.com/blog/2009/07/welcome-to-future/ which says 404. You’re missing “-the” in “welcom-to-future”.

  • Dan C

    Planet Sysadmin points to Blogspot at the moment. Might want to get them to update.

  • @therek

    Well, urgh. I’lll work on fixing it. Thanks.

    I’ve talked to the admin there, and I’m getting ready to send him mail right now with the new feed address. Thanks! :-)

  • Sam

    Nice upgrade! Any reason you decided on a VPS instead of remaining with blogger?


  • Thanks, Sam! I just felt like blogger was too limiting, in terms of what I could do.

    There are some other features that aren’t ready to roll out that would be a good illustration.

    I’m planning on starting a sysadmin wiki, and some people have mentioned a forum for general sysadmin related things, less structured than serverfault.

    I’m also open to suggestions, if you come up with something that you don’t see. Drop me a line and let me know!

  • Oh great, I mean really great that you got that redirect working but now I can’t figure out which feed is the out dated one, they both lead to the same site! I guess I would just inspect the feedburner url. Anyway congrats on the new site, why you didn’t already use your own domain and external hosting is a bit puzzling.

  • D Dressler: Honestly? I never envisioned the site being read by more than 5 or 10 people, so I figured blogger would be fine. I really only started it because my livejournal friends got tired of reading about computer-related posts, and they told me to take it somewhere else ;-) OK, they really just said that they didn’t understand what I was talking about, so I figured I’d start a blog, since that was the happening thing to do.

    Yeah, the feeds are a little murky at the moment. If you use the feedburner link directly, you can’t go wrong. As screwed up as it is right now, it was way worse at 6:30 this morning when the old blogger feed DIDN’T redirect to feedburner. That caused all sorts of screwed up messages, which Therek alludes to in the top post.

    Thanks for the comment, and please keep up with the feedback! I’m sure there will be more bumps and hiccups as we go along.

  • Well I guess up front there is nothing wrong with a blogger site. Well I guess I should at least say this, while you know me as D.Dressler I really never use that name any where else, only reason I as not posting under Warll(With LLs) was because I already had a blogger account with blogger as D.Dressler. I really should just use OpenID except I already have two openids, I just can’t remember who they are with. I must say though there is one sweet advantage to using one name, you become famous. Lol, just recently when I signed up for the Cities XL beta I ran into no less then five other people that knew me from other corners of the internet. Really surprising was that they almost all knew me from different corners. Anyway is that your monolith server in the gallery I see?

  • ha! No, those images are the most recent from the “Datacenter” group on Flickr, which I created and admin. If you have any cool server pics and a flickr account, add them and they’ll show up right there :-)

    Now that you’ve explained the name thing to me, I’ll recognize you if you just want to go by Warll, or you can keep up with both. I’m glad you told me though. Also, I didn’t know you had a blog! Thanks, I’ll subscribe to it now.

    BTW, this machine is on a Xen-based virtual private server that I’ve got through prgmr.com. I picked them because their prices are good and they support LOPSA.

  • Well thank you, guess I should document my rebuild of my home server once the parts arrive. That would be a nice an interesting post, although I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of computer’s insides. What I really want to write about is problems I have run into and managed to fix, hopefully that will help others. Of course my problems are likely a few abstraction levels higher then yours. Prgmr.com does seem to have nice deals, although I likely would not be able to function without the hand holding dreamhost gives.

  • It would be an interesting post, especially since a lot of people would like to run a home server, but they just don’t know where to start.

    One of the great constants of the world is that someone always knows less than you do, and would benefit from you sharing your knowledge with them.

    The flip side of that coin is that we can learn from everyone around us, because someone always knows more than us, too.

    Come to think of it, my conversion to my VPS would make a good blog post :-) I’ll have to work on that! Thanks for the idea!

  • A search for “build home server” brings up a number of results. Nearly all of which are better then what I would/could do. Nah my server is mostly built because I had enough spare parts. The new parts I’m getting just replace some because I might have had problems with them. In fact after this upgrade I could almost make another PC. Great now I’m brainstorming on what to blog about, I’m sure there is something I’ve encountered and won against.

  • Looking good, congrats! I follow via the planet sysadmin feed which I see uses the new links now so all is well in the world.

  • I relocated across the country a couple of years ago, and built a new Home Server(s) from old equipment and spare parts.

    I use it for VM’s (software testing, web page testing, and network monitoring), and desktop as a file server.

    I am in the process of configuring a firewall box when I have the time (family time has priority, and a lot of DYI projects around the house.)

    Setting up a network/server at home is challenging and fun!

  • @John
    That’s a great use of old hardware. Building your skills by practicing at home lets you do stuff that you’re interested in, as opposed to at work, where you’re usually more limited to what needs to be done :-)

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Hey Matt, congrats on the new site! Love what you’ve done with it, keep up the great work!