Desktop Hardware Problems

It really does seem that if you’re going to have a problem, it’s going to happen at 4:30 Friday afternoon. Last week, mine got a jump on me by attacking at 3pm or so.

The power supply crashed on my desktop workstation, and I spent the last few hours trying to bring it back up. I finally kludged together a single power supply from two, and now that the machine is back up and running, my OS drive is having problems.

Of course, I could re-install since my home directory is on another drive…but my DVD-ROM died because the power supply fan stopped turning a while back, apparently, baking the drive, so now I get all kind of fun read errors.

It’s going to be one of those weeks.

  • Chewyfruitloop

    Have you noticed how much time we spend making sure the servers are backed up regularly, but when it comes to desktops, where all the influx data is usualy, it’s an after thought.

    I’ve asked for storage to backup desktops for next quarter, but I bet some of it will be reallocated for the servers…

  • Zach Peters

    Spinrite might be worth a shot. After you purchase it you get an exe (must be run under windows) that will create a burnable iso, a floppy image or bootable USB image.

  • rick

    Hah I had fun Friday too, I was hooking up some old switches in my lab and accidentally created a broadcast storm by plugging both ends of one cable into the lab switch that was linked back to the production environment XD Since I’m not using STP the f0/0 port just locked up on our core router, and it took me a moment to realize what I did before turning off that switch and returning things to normal.

    What really surprised me is that some of the access points in the building needed to be rebooted before they would pass packets correctly again. Sigh, so yea Friday fun is the kind of fun that makes you really appreciate the weekend :) hope your week goes better!

  • @Rick

    oh man, I physically winced while I was reading that. Thanks for the kind words, and for sharing! :-) Hope yours improves too.

  • As I told you earlier, I’m not allowed to install windows while half asleep. I still need to recover more data from that drive I formatted. That tool you suggested to me (DiskInternals NTFS Recovery), was able to recover a lot of stuff, but the drive I was saving it to ran out of space. :( Time to set this to install FFXI while I wait for it to examine that drive for another six hours. :(