The New Admin Has Arrived!

I haven’t had time for actual blog entries, but occasionally I’ll work up a tweet, and if you’ve been following my twitter stream, you may have seen that my new junior administrator started yesterday. This is excellent.

Training is going to be pretty much continuous for a long time, though we’re going to do at least half the training through working on stuff, so hands-on will be a big part, and I think it has to be. Hearing someone talk about “enterprise storage” is a lot different than actually playing with a SAN array, and seeing the benchmarks for yourself.

Today we’re going to head to the primary data center and pull a box that I need to do some more work on. I’ve had a centralized repository for syslog in my head for a long time, and I think this box is going to perform well in that role. And because I’ve got someone to help me, I can carry it out in one trip! Excellent. Still not changing the name of the blog, though :-P

I have some longer entries in mind for the near future, and one of them I’ve been working with off-and-on for a week or so. It’s a major extension to the Nagios Config HOWTO from last month. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m essentially walking someone through creating a Nagios server from scratch, and I’m doing the configuration the “right way”, or at least what I deem to be the right way. It’s currently at 2500 words, and it’s only going to get bigger. At my current work-rate, I would guess next week is when it will come out.

So that’s most of what has been filling my time!

  • Congrats Mr. Jr. Admin. Welcome to the club.

    Matt, check out rsyslog for that central syslog implementation. Tt can buffer locally for times of high log traffic.

  • Matt, congrats on the help. I am hoping to my own help in 2011! I am very excited about the NAGIOS config post. I want to put up a monitoring server and I have heard that NAGIOS is one of the best out there. Good luck on the syslog server and training!

  • Twirrim

    Another shout out for rsyslog. Just started using it here for remote logging and it’s excellent. It also now appears to be the default syslogger for a few distributions.

  • Looking forward to your NAGIOS tutorial! I mostly, sort-of, maybe, understood your previous NAGIOS how-to and can’t wait to read more.

  • Another vote here for rsyslog. We only use it on our centralised syslog servers but its great. Really flexible. We also stuff the entries into a mysql database for use with phplogcon (written by the same people) which is web frontend for searching syslog (and other logging) logs.

  • GigaGeek

    Matt, Since you mentioned Nagios, have you ever heard of Zabbix? I recently stumbled on this product and am curious to find a comparison between it and other monitoring solutions.

  • Nick

    Looking forward to the future post on Nagios!

  • Looking forward to the Nagios post… althoug, I look forward to anything with nagios in it :-)