Hiring System Administrators

Date September 26, 2009

My new column is online at Simple Talk. The topic of the column is Hiring System Administrators. It talks about my experiences when hiring my junior admin.

Please go take a look at it, and remember to rate it using the stars!

  • http://www.funnelfiasco.com Ben C

    Great article, Matt! I've offered to lead the charge for hiring my replacement as I prepare to move to a different department, so this is well-timed. I'd only wish you had written in three years ago when I was preparing to hire our Windows person.

  • http://www.standalone-sysadmin.com Matt Simmons

    Thanks Ben! I didn't know you were leaving your department. What are you moving into? Still IT I hope?

    Good luck!

  • AJ L.

    Another good article Matt!