I’m going to LISA!

I wasn’t certain that I would be able to attend until today when I got my registration sorted out. I’m going to be attending LISA ’09 in Baltimore, MD. I’ll be there from Saturday, November 1st through Friday, November 6th.

This is going to be my first LISA, and it’s going to be quite an experience. I’ve been chosen as one of the official conference bloggers, which means that I have to be in a ton of places and write about everything. It’s going to be a blast. Last year’s blog is still online. The solitary blogger, Matt Sacks, is doing the coordination this year, which will probably be a job with complexity somewhere between herding cats and air traffic control. I don’t envy him.

Saying that something at LISA is of special interest is like saying “there’s one particular piece of architecture in the Pantheon…”, but anyway, since I pretty much live, eat, and sleep the idea of small infrastructures, I’m all over the microLISA workshop, which is dedicated to small infrastructures.

Also, in the evening, there are Birds of a Feather sessions, which bring together like-minded people to informally discuss topics. I’m organizing two of them, both on Thursday. From 9:30pm until 10:30pm, there will be a “Small Infrastructure” BoF, since the conference technically starts on Wednesday and lots of people will have missed microLISA. Immediately following it is the “Bloggers” BoF, for LISA attendees who are either currently bloggers or who want to be. I’m sure there will be more sysadmin bloggers there, and it’ll be nice to put faces with names.

Between the training, the workshops, and everything else, I just won’t know what to do with myself. Drop a comment below if you’re going to be able to attend. I’ll be the sleep deprived geek typing a lot. I’m sure that’ll narrow it down ;-)

  • I’ll be there too…congrats on the blogger gig! I’m thinking of applying for a spot as well, but I’m not sure if I’m what they’re after — last year’s entries look pretty newsy, and I’m a lot more informal. But I’ll let them/him decide that.

    See you at the BOFs!

  • Hi Matt, I’ve been following you on twitter for a while. This LISA conference will be my fifth, going back to 1995. It is without a doubt the best of the conferences I have experienced over my many years as a SysAdmin. I’m arriving on Sat night so I can attend a configuration workshop on Sunday. I am leading two BoFs myself, both on Tuesday evening. One is a GPG key signing BoF and the other will be about CAcert.org digital certificates. I look forward to meeting you in the hallways of the LISA conference.

  • @Ken

    I’m looking foward to meeting you, definitely! I’m interested in going to the digital certificates BoF, so hopefully I’ll be able to do that.

    Thanks for the comment!

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