Sysadmins and Egos: Great in pairs!

Probably not great, but they do wind up together a lot, don’t they?

My new column is up, and titled “The Ego and the System Administrator“. Read it and ponder, why is it that we have such big egos over machines and domains that aren’t even ours? We’re hired to take care of them, not handed a divine mandate. Make humility one of your administrative tools, and your outlook and coworkers will respond in a positive manner.

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  • therek

    My favorite sentence: “We say jump, the servers say “how high”.” :)

  • Great article. I also work in a situation where my opinion is relied on heavily. I do, however, let the upper management deal with it. Why? Because I don’t want the users to be difficult with me. I find I work in a company where the users are often petty if you confront them.

    A couple weeks ago, there was an issue with excessive bandwidth at all our locations. As it turns out, some people were sharing some questionable material across email, etc. I let my boss know the problem and that I was looking into it. He said he wanted the cause found and he would deal sternly with the culprits…as it turned out, I found out it was other management types doing it…so of course my boss sort of brushed it aside and said “well, keep an eye on the problem in case it gets worse.”

    Looks as though the boss didn’t want to confront these people about it because it was not worth it in the end.

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