Subscribed Blogs: Now with OPML Goodness

Date November 27, 2009

Ever since I first created my Subscribed Feeds page, I've had clamoring for an easier way to subscribe to the entire list.

That's a pretty brave thought, but for those of you who really want to subscribe to nearly 200 sysadmin blog feeds, I have uploaded my exported OPML file from Google Reader.

Sorry it's taken so long, but better late than never, right?

7 Responses to “Subscribed Blogs: Now with OPML Goodness”

  1. D.Dressler said:

    No! Why is my blog on there! The poor souls! Seriously though, thank you, but my interests have changed, again! I still love hardware, but, but, programming is soo cool!

    Really I don't want to feel guilty when I post none sysadmin like things.

    On a totally different note, I had no idea there were so many sys admin blogs, I had thought I had found and subscribed to them all all. So thank you, again.

  2. VDIAS said:

    Link not working...

  3. Matt Simmons said:

    VDIAS: Thanks, which link is that?

  4. VDIAS said:

    "my exported OPML file"

  5. Matt Simmons said:

    Well, huh. You're right. Now is as good of a time as any to refresh the list from Google Reader, so try again. Now with new RSS feed goodness!

  6. VDIAS said:

    Thanks man!

  7. Matt Simmons said:

    Anytime, thanks for letting me know. It turns out that the old file didn't survive an update to wordpress. I need to work out a way to programatically grab the opml weekly or something :-)

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