10 IT Management Predictions

Date December 21, 2009

Nathan Burke, of Aprigo, asked me to be a member of a panel to submit predictions for what IT will look like in 2010.

The results are out. 10 IT Management Predictions for 2010.

Thanks, Nathan, for asking me to take part!

  • http://blog.aprigo.com Nathan

    Matt, thanks again for giving a prediction, and let’s hope for those flying cars!

  • http://saintaardvarkthecarpeted.com/blog Saint Aardvark the Carpeted

    Coolio! You’re in there with some mighty big names, Matt. And yet…shh!…you’re the one with the most tangible, firm predictions. I like that.

    I will await my flying car.

  • http://www.standalone-sysadmin.com Matt Simmons

    Thanks Hugh, And me too. I wish they’d hurry up with that!