Entries from January 2010

Sysadmins aren’t (necessarily) programmers, they’re people who can program

Date January 29, 2010

I remember back when I was first learning Linux, and I encountered shell scripts. I wasn’t a programmer, and I didn’t “get” it. I distinctly remember thinking, “well, THAT’S something I won’t have to learn”. Ha! As it turns out, I was incorrect. Writing scripts is an essential skill for a system administrator. In Linux/Unix, […]

What is Cat5e?

Date January 28, 2010

Everybody knows, if you’re still dealing with Cat-5 to use Cat-5e. I mean, Cat-6 would be better, but it’s still really expensive to have installed. So we use Cat-5, except it’s ENHANCED for that extra special protection against interference and crosstalk. But what is it? What, if any, is the actual, real, honest-to-God, difference between […]

Administering Users in Linux via CLI

Date January 27, 2010

The other day, I mentioned that my review of LISA ’09 was published in Linux Pro Magazine. Well, I went to the bookstore to pick up a copy. It wasn’t there, but to my surprise, I saw the special “Linux Shell Handbook” edition was out, which includes a four page article that I wrote about […]

New Jersey area community conference!

Date January 27, 2010

It is my pleasure to announce that the NJ Chapter of the League of Professional Sysadmins (LOPSA-NJ) is hosting the Professional IT Community Conference. This will be a 2 day conference hosted in the Hyatt Regency New Brunswick on May 7th and 8th. The official press release went out yesterday. If you are in the […]

Review of LISA ’09 in Linux Pro Magazine

Date January 25, 2010

Just a quick blurb that I wrote a single page review of November’s LISA ’09 Conference in Baltimore that is available in this month’s Linux Pro Magazine. My article isn’t available online, but feel free to go to any fine bookseller and pick up a copy. If you want to hear more about what happened […]

Sharing Google Reader items

Date January 22, 2010

I read a lot of RSS feeds. Or more accurately, I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds. I actually read a very small percentage of them. And even then, even fewer are “oh wow, that’s awesome, I’ve got to tell someone else about this!” I’ve been putting interesting links into my twitter feed, but […]