Administering Users in Linux via CLI

The other day, I mentioned that my review of LISA ’09 was published in Linux Pro Magazine. Well, I went to the bookstore to pick up a copy. It wasn’t there, but to my surprise, I saw the special “Linux Shell Handbook” edition was out, which includes a four page article that I wrote about administering users in Linux with the command line tools! How cool! So I picked up a copy for my junior admin and another to read myself. Very neat to see my name in a printed magazine. I can’t wait to see it on the cover of a book!

  • AJ L.

    I actually have picked up a copy of both Linux Pro Magazine and Linux Shell Handbook and have both article on my desk now. Very awesome bro! All of us readers out here appreciate the hard work that you’ve been putting in!

  • Paul Stoklosa

    Ha ha.. I actually noticed your name in there when i was thumbing through it at the bookstore! I was thinking to myself… “Is that the same guy from the SysAdmin Network? Wow, he’s kind of a big deal..” Congrats.. I’m sure I’ll be seeing your name in print more in the future..

  • @Paul

    That’s hilarious! But I’m touched, thanks! I probably won’t be in many magazines this year, but I will have a book coming out hopefully near the end on small network infrastructures. You’ll be sick of hearing about it by the time it’s available, I promise! :-)