Sharing Google Reader items

I read a lot of RSS feeds. Or more accurately, I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds. I actually read a very small percentage of them. And even then, even fewer are “oh wow, that’s awesome, I’ve got to tell someone else about this!”

I’ve been putting interesting links into my twitter feed, but that’s extra effort, and I don’t feel like writing/finding a bookmarklet to do it for me. Plus I don’t want to irritate my followers with a ton of “haha now look at THIS picture of a lolcat” entries. Plus not everyone uses twitter (probably because it’s full of things like “hahaha look at THIS lolcat”). But almost everyone uses RSS readers.

So in my efforts to make more interesting things available to people who might find them interesting, I’ve began sharing items from Google Reader. I’m sure that you all don’t want to subscribe to the couple of hundred feeds that I do (although some people have, and told me that they found it interesting!), but when I find something neat, great, or otherwise engaging, I’m sharing it (and typically appending a pithy note designed to give context and/or abuse).

Feel free to subscribe, and if you want, share back with me. I’m interested in seeing what you’re interested in.

If you’re one of the people who reads this blog at it’s home on, I’ve added a widget on the side so that you can see at a glance what I’ve been reading.

Let me know if you think this is useful. Or if there’s something else that I could do that would help more. Or if I’m just wasting your time and making you procrastinate even more! (you’re welcome)

  • There’s the Send To feature in your settings within greader. I have pinboard and evernote set up, I’m sure theres a twitter plugin as well.

    I noticed that your link for semafour is out of date (it’s now, Keep up the great work Matt, I’ll be sure to subscribe.

  • Ah, thanks Joe. I actually have it updated in my reader subscription, but not in the content of that page. I think I’m probably going to pull the list of subscriptions and just leave the OPML file.

  • Ian

    Don’t be holding out on us with the lolcatz links.

  • Jay Neff

    Thanks for sharing Matt! I don’t use an RSS reader, but rather Twitter Lists, Facebook, and Techmeme usually. I also have a gazillion live bookmarks in Firefox, so Google Reader would be handy, I will check it out. Now if only I could get [email protected] for my goog profile!

  • Thank you Matt, that’s an excellent list of RSS feeds.