Tech Field Day Preview / Overview

I mentioned yesterday about the Tech Field Day: Boston trip, and how I wasn’t an expert in the fields we were going to cover. Once I decided that I was going to go through with it and take part, I decided that I would need to familiarize myself with the technology that I would be seeing, so as not to make a fool of myself (or at least, to make a lesser fool of myself, however it turns out). It struck me that, at the same time, I can do my readers a service by introducing them to hardware that they have probably not come across yet (although there are a *lot* of you out there, and from some big places. If you’ve got experience on this stuff, please chime in!).

I’m going to do a “technology preview” kind of thing for each of the companies that are sponsoring the event. I don’t know for certain which exact technologies and products they’ll be showing off, but I can make some educated guesses, and if I miss the mark entirely, that’ll be part of the fun.

As a standard disclaimer, I need to say: I am not being paid by these companies. I am taking part in a group of independent bloggers who are being transported to Boston, MA for a few days, given lodging, and shuttled around to various businesses to see products and technologies, and then to discuss those things with the people who were responsible for them.

I am receiving no financial renumeration, although in the past, Tech Field Day delegates have received things like bags, pens, shirts, and a coupon for a discount on future purchases.

We are all attending with the agreement that we are free to write whatever we like, with respect to content, and that we will be free to speak our minds. I will not be asked to sign any nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), although I will respect any requests by the manufacturers to hold information back until an agreed upon date (commonly known as an embargo date).

The first of these preview posts should be coming online in a few hours. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed learning. Please comment with any questions you’ve got. I’m happy to answer anything.