Entries from April 2010

Sleep Deprivation? More like an overabundance of consciousness

Date April 30, 2010

So I’m sure that you know there’s a sysadmin conference coming up that I’m going to next week. I haven’t made too big a deal about it, but I’m also doing a quick 45 minute presentation on staying sane with Nagios. I was working on my slideshow last night (until 3:30am). It’s at 42 slides, […]

NJ SysAdmin Conference: $99 if you’re unemployed

Date April 28, 2010

Just wanted to post an update that the conference planners decided to lower the price to people who are currently unemployed. The cost is now $99, and we don’t ask questions, so there’s no hassle. Register now, because even if you’re employed, the price is only $249.

The future of storage technology

Date April 26, 2010

I went to the Tech Field Day in Boston a few weeks ago. I had a great time, hung out with some really smart people, and got to tour Fenway Park. The whole experience was incredible. It was not a shopping trip, though. The equipment and technologies that I saw are bleeding edge. They’re not […]

IT Centric Flickr Groups

Date April 25, 2010

I like technology. Sometimes (but not too often), I actually like computers. I like building networks, and I like complexity. I like making things go, fixing things that are broken (and sometimes things that aren’t broken), and I take pleasure from seeing beautifully intricate things. I like learning, I like teaching, and I like observing […]

Analyzing I/O Performance at cmdln.org

Date April 22, 2010

Nick Anderson recently put forth a pretty herculean effort in writing a pretty thorough guide to determining I/O Performance in Linux. It’s a good guide, and has some links to further reading, too. If you don’t subscribe to Cmdln.org, you should definitely start.

New USENIX blog posted

Date April 21, 2010

A while back, Anne Dickison asked me if I’d contribute an entry every once in a while to the USENIX blog. I enjoyed blogging for them at LISA, so I agreed. Today, my first entry went up, and it’s about multitasking, and discusses whether humans have a hard limit to what they can do at […]