IT Centric Flickr Groups

I like technology. Sometimes (but not too often), I actually like computers. I like building networks, and I like complexity. I like making things go, fixing things that are broken (and sometimes things that aren’t broken), and I take pleasure from seeing beautifully intricate things. I like learning, I like teaching, and I like observing what other people have done.

It’s the last of those things that made me start a Flickr group devoted to Datacenters. I don’t have a data center of my own, and I don’t spend a lot of time in the colocations that we rent space in, but I do like looking at racks of servers and networking gear. I like looking at people’s wiring jobs and taking notes on what I’d like to do or avoid, and it’s much easier to do that over the internet, because of the huge collective assortment of technologies.

So I did what any normal person would do. I created a flickr group. It’s been there for a while, in fact, if you come to, one of the widgets over there —–> shows the latest images uploaded. At current count, there are a bit over 650 photos and 180 members. That’s pretty awesome, but my group isn’t the only one out there, by a long shot.

For the people who might be interested, I’ve compiled a list of datacenter and IT related groups that I know of.

So there you have it. Flickr groups full of stuff that you probably like looking at (or alternately, hate looking at, because that’s all you do all day. In that case, might I suggest an alternative?).

If you know of one that I haven’t covered, make sure to link to it in a comment! Thanks!

  • ChrisW

    You’d think you would get tired of looking at other peoples set-ups after years of working on similar (and also having spent until 4am on Friday moving parts of your current one) but no, I’ve just spent a happy 1/2hr flicking through those galleries.

    Thanks for the links, Matt :)

  • Hey Chris, you’re very welcome. I’m glad you like them as much as I do :-)

  • I often find myself skimming over them too, even though I’ve been doing it for a while. Always good to see other people’s setups, and get some new ideas. Nice list, joined a couple :)

  • davis