Sleep Deprivation? More like an overabundance of consciousness

So I’m sure that you know there’s a sysadmin conference coming up that I’m going to next week. I haven’t made too big a deal about it, but I’m also doing a quick 45 minute presentation on staying sane with Nagios. I was working on my slideshow last night (until 3:30am). It’s at 42 slides, which I think is a sufficient number for the time and, well, I just plain like 42.

Some people have asked if the slides will be available online. The answer is yes, and what’s more, the stuff I’m providing on the conference USB key will be available online as well after a suitable period of time (slides immediately, additional data after a month or so. Want it sooner? Register and come get a key) .

My goal is to provide a Nagios configuration on the USB key which matches a hierarchy for a theoretical network (the network diagram is included to clarify). The trick is to make it complex enough that people can see how it works without making it so complex that they can’t plug in their own hosts. I’m putting a decent amount of work into it.

I’m also including files to allow for syntax highlighting of Nagios configuration files in both vim and emacs. I’ve got the vim stuff done, but I haven’t gotten into the emacs thing yet. Hopefully I can get it done before I have to send in the files :-)

I should have asked prior to this, but is there anything cool that you’d like to see in the package of stuff I’m putting on the USB key?

  • Saint Aardvark

    A golden pony.

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  • Matt Simmons

  • Nick Anderson

  • Nick Anderson

    Bollucks, It wouldnt let me insert an image.

    Django has Pink Ponies:

  • Matt Simmons

    Fixed it for you, Nick. I have super special admin powers ;-)

  • Nick Anderson

    Of course you might look like this after riding.

  • Wesley “Nonapeptide”

    Sounds good. Are there plans for video of any of the talks at the conference? I think that’s the digital equivalent of a pony. =)

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen the latest ire-storm that has been kicked up against PowerPoint on the intertubes, but I think this latest wave started with Robin Harris over here. From that article, I came to be acquainted with a great looking bit of presentation software called Prezi. Maybe that would fit better for making a presentation on network based topics next year. I think I’ll start using it myself when and if I need to make a presentation that requires information to be represented in a non-linear fashion (viz. almost all information).

    Hope all goes well at the conference.

  • D W

    I’ll second Wesley about making that available (spoken as someone who would be attending if other life matters, read: a wedding, hadn’t interfered.)