Article in ;login:

If you’re a member of USENIX(and you should be), you should be getting your article of ;login:, the USENIX quarterly. Make sure to check out page 35 in this issue, because you’ll find an article by yours truly talking about my experiences at LISA09. It’s not really anything I’ve not said before, but I was impressed with the conference and wanted to share it.

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  • I’d love to join but can’t pay for that info (as good as it is), when there is very good viable information online for free. I’ve consider joining before but haven’t had a really good compelling reason, although your articles might encourage me at some point.

  • wow, thanks, Oscar! I understand, it’s a lot of money. Honestly, one of the biggest reasons that most people give is that there’s a huge discount at USENIX conferences if you’re a member. Essentially, going to LISA pays for your USENIX membership. Of course, if you don’t go to conferences, that’s not such a big draw.

    Aside from the giant conference discount, ;login: really is a good reason, whenver it’s economically feasible. Some of the articles are available publicly, but for others, you’ve got to be a member.

    I say don’t rush, and join when you can do it comfortably. I’d also put in a good word for LOPSA, which is much cheaper ($50), gives you member discounts, is actively developing local chapters, is starting a mentoring program, and has a bunch of discounts from various companies around the internet.

    Again, I’m not trying to be evangelical. It’s just that, whenever you’re ready, I know either (or both) groups would be happy to have you.

    In the meantime, there are _tons_ of great resources around the internet. And I appreciate you coming here and reading my blog, and commenting. I’m glad that you like what I’m writing :-) Thank you.