SysAdmin Appreciation Day: 2010

The weather is turning warm, it’s daylight even longer, and the kiddies will be going on vacation. Summer is nearly here. You know what that means?

SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

That’s right, it’s coming up again, and just like last year, we’ll be celebrating in New York City.

Mark the date on your calendar: Friday, July 30, 2010. Expect to be in NYC spending the evening with your fellow sysadmins.

More details will follow, including time and exact location. Last year’s was held in The Gingerman, an excellent beer bar. If you went last year (or are just familiar with the Gingerman), comment below and let people know how great it is. Or, alternately, if you’ve got a suggestion on an alternate venue, speak up!

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  • Wow…that was a fast year :)

  • Justin

    ah yes, good times last year, from what I remember *hiccup*

  • Tony

    yup. last year was good and the gingerman is definitely the perfect spot for it.

  • Knock one back for me! Those of us that are contractors or otherwise self-employed don’t usually have superiors or userbases that can rally around us on SysAdmin Day.

    Wait… let me vacuum the pout out of that last sentence. =)

    Print my kitten face out and tape it to the booth next to you. =)