Apparently I’m going to LinuxCon 2010 in Boston

You know, before I did the whole LISA blogger thing last year, I’d never been to a conference (with the exception of a single day at Ohio LinuxFest). I have definitely made up for lost time since then, and I’m apparently adding one more notch in the bedpost that is my conference tally.

The other day, one of the people that I follow on twitter mentioned how they started using Linux, and added a #linuxcon hash tag. I was confused, but interested, so I checked it out. It turned out that the Linux Foundation was directing several contests with their twitter account, and one of them was awarding a prize to whoever had the best story for how they started using Linux. Man, talk about being a shoe-in!

Readers who are also familiar with the SysAdmin Network may have heard this, but I have an awesome story about how I started using Linux, and the opening line is a major hook. I had written it out in story form for Ben Cotton, who was researching how people became sysadmins (but it’s all 100% true). I took a chance and posted the following on twitter:

My first time using Linux happened because I found a computer laying in a field #linuxcon

Well, a week later, the Linux Foundation posted this:

C u at #linuxcon @standaloneSA! Our 1st wk’s winner in “First Time” with Linux contest. He tells all abt it:

Score! So yeah, it looks like I’ll be at LinuxCon in Boston, from August 10-12! Anyone else planning on going? If so, leave a comment below. We’ll have to meet up!

Incidentally, check out the Linux Foundation’s twitter feed if you’re interested in going, because it looks like they’re still having contests. Good luck!