Two SysAdmin Appreciation Day Events (now with West Coast action!)

Today is June 30, 2010. In one month, it’s going to be System Administrator Appreciation Day, and I’m going to be hanging out in a bar in midtown swapping war stories with a bunch of you all! How great is that?

It’s sort of unfortunate, though, that not everyone can come. I mean, the population of the US is, right now, around 312 million people. Only 19 million of those are in the NYC metro area, leaving a great many people far away from our little shindig. That’s a shame.

To light a beacon in the darkness, OpenDNS (yes, the same people I talked about yesterday who put on the SysAdmin of the Year competition) are throwing their own party in San Francisco for the Bay Area folks! They’re having their event on the 28th of July rather than the 30th, but I’m sure it’s going to be a blast! You could, theoretically, come to both if you had tons of free airfare miles (and were a glutton for punishment), but I won’t be offended if you miss mine to go to theirs ;-)

Their event and ours does help, but a huge swath of the country is still out of luck, not least of all everyone who doesn’t live in the USA! What to do? Well, as much as I’d love to come visit you everywhere and arrange parties all the time (actually, is that a real job? Is there some way to swing that sort of gig?), it is up to YOU! You organize SysAdmin Day gatherings and I’ll let people know about them! I’ll even put them on a map for people to look at. A map, people. You don’t get this kind of service from everyone, you know!

Go forth and prepare to celebrate!

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  • In case you are interested: A month from now, we will be celebrating DebCamp (a hacking week just before DebConf, the annual Debian conference) in Columbia University, New York City. Of course, I am sure we will be partying as we appreciate each other as fellow sysadmins ;-) And you will be most welcome to tune in with programers, sysadmins and assorted hackers from around the world!

  • @Gunnar

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ve emailed the debconf admins and let them know about my event, and asked if they want to trade links :-) We’ll see! Thanks again!

  • Wow. Thanks for the info Matt. I was not aware of the party in SF until you mentioned it. I just registered and I’m sure its going to be a great event.

  • Hey Marius! You’re welcome! I’m glad you can make it. Tell all the OpenDNS people that I say “Hi”, and thank them for me for all of the stuff they’re doing for sysadmins!