Thank you.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an IT administrator of some sort (or want to be one). So thank you. Thank you for making your own part of the internet go. Sure, I’m an administrator, but I also use the internet, and without people like yourself, I wouldn’t be able to write this page, or make a telephone call, or talk to people on IM or twitter, or do any one of a countless number of things that I take for granted every day.

Thank you to all of the system, network, telephony, storage, application, and general IT administrators out there who make our modern life possible.

Etsy Now Sponsoring SysAdmin Appreciation Day Event in NYC!

Last night, I got an email out of the blue. It was from Chris Munns, sysadmin at Etsy, the home to a huge online community of people who make and sell things. The email basically asked if there was any way that Etsy could help sponsor the SysAdmin Appreciation Day event! Excellent.

The only question in my mind was, what kind of sponsorship would our event need? In the end, it winds up being a bunch of system administrators sitting around drinking, swapping war stories. I told them as much, and Chris responded:

Hey Matt,
Chad Dickerson who is the CTO here at Etsy was actually the one who wanted to us to help sponsor/participate. We were wondering if maybe we could just throw some money in for drinks on behalf of Etsy?

– Chris

Pick up some of the bar tab? Well, ok!

After some more discussion, we’ve got it settled down, and I am happy to say that Etsy is contributing a very significant amount towards our bar tab tomorrow. I’m not going to say how much just yet, because I haven’t worked out how it’s going to be handled, but I’ll be surprised if anyone ends up paying for a drink themselves.

A huge(!) thank you to Etsy! And if you’re wondering why a site largely dedicated to crafting cares this much about the community of System Administrators, you should read their blog, Code As Craft. They believe strongly in Dev/Ops cooperation, and they spend a lot of time on that blog discussing their infrastructure. If you’re interested in Hadoop installations and continuous deployments, I recommend you check it out.

If you were holding back because you didn’t want to spend the dough on drinks, then don’t be afraid any longer. Check out the event page, then register!

If the sysadmin of the year is for good work…

…do we have an appropriate award for doing bad work?

I’m only asking, because today on reddit, I came across an amazing post.

There is a subreddit called IAMA, where you can submit a thread allowing people to ask you questions because you are, in some way, unusual or interesting. The thread I found was called “IAMA Wildly Incompetent Network Security Admin and have no business in my job“.

The job? He’s network security for a Vegas casino.

When you actually click on the thread, it gets way, way worse. There’s a summary at the top, so I’m stealing some and pasting here. This is all copyright of reddit user throwawayscared, I don’t want it.

Since alot of people are asking this question: The reason I dont spend time learning the job is partly due to laziness. I mean it’s awesome spending all day playing battlefieldheroes or transformice.

I refuse to wear my ID badge so people dont stop and ask me questions. I’ve been reprimanded and even warranted the CEO sending out a memo that stated ‘EVERYONE HAS TO WEAR THEIR BADGE’ and I still dont do it. I just changed my schedule to leave earlier than any execs and get in after they do so they never see me without it.
also working at a casino means you get free lunches too. we’re only supposed to eat once, but i go several times throughout the day. I once changed the settings on the turnstyle applicatoin to allow me unlimited cafeteria entries. Everyone else was set at 1. The benefits of admin passwords

To further prove how much I should be fired, I’d like to share a quick story with you. I have stolen every bit of computer shit I can get my hands on. When the security team started cracking down on thieving employees and searching us on the way out, I just started mailing the shit to my house through the mailroom. Then I just started listing shit on ebay and sending it to the buyers right through the same mailroom. I also convinced the mailroom dude that I should’t pay for postage. I’m not proud, but I’m certainly not ashamed.

wow. It’s like a trainwreck.

Please, don’t be this guy.