Thank you.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an IT administrator of some sort (or want to be one). So thank you. Thank you for making your own part of the internet go. Sure, I’m an administrator, but I also use the internet, and without people like yourself, I wouldn’t be able to write this page, or make a telephone call, or talk to people on IM or twitter, or do any one of a countless number of things that I take for granted every day.

Thank you to all of the system, network, telephony, storage, application, and general IT administrators out there who make our modern life possible.

  • Ted Kekatos

    Matt — Very well said. Happy Sysadmin Day!. — ted

  • Scott

    In light of the myriad of systems included in sysadmin, maybe we need to subtitle the genre as “Jack of all Tech”

    Happy SysAdmin Day to all!

  • Matt Simmons

    Thanks Scott. I think you’re right…and I said as much last year. The general consensus was that “IT Administrator” doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily. Bah.

    We know that “System Administrator” is a concept that comprises several fields of study and practice. Eventually more people will see the light. Until then, Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!