Entries from August 2010

Conference News (LISA and PICC and more!)

Date August 30, 2010

This is apparently the "time to schedule your conference trips" part of the year, because there is news on the SysAdmin conference front. First, and most pressing, the LISA10 conference schedule has been released! I've got to say, I'm digging the theme of the website, too. More important, though, is the content. Interestingly, all sessions […]

On the road again...

Date August 27, 2010

My datacenter migration (or renovation, as I'm referring to it) includes a fair amount of added virtualization. We'll be maxing out the memory and processor power of three machines at each site, and those will act as a VMware HA cluster (we're buying the vSphere Essentials Plus license kit for each site). Of course, I've […]

My take on DevOps

Date August 26, 2010

Alright, several people have asked me why I haven't weighed in on the current "devops" movement. Mostly because no two people can absolutely agree on what DevOps is. I'm outside of that particular community, although I read a lot of the blogs of the key members, so maybe I'm in a good position to comment […]

Ohio Linux Fest is coming up in Columbus, OH!

Date August 23, 2010

I have been to the Ohio Linux Festival once, four years ago. I had a really great time, met interesting people, and made plans to come back the next year. Then I got married the next year on the same weekend that OLF was being held. As much fun as I had at OLF06, I […]

Great tips on server rack filling

Date August 9, 2010

Greg Ferro at the Ethereal Mind blog has some great tips up today on filling a server rack. Definitely check it out. It's great to see someone mentioning physical infrastructure! If you're interested in this stuff, way back in 2002, I wrote an entry on Racks and Rackmounting and a piece on Server Cable Management […]

Cobbler or just straight kickstart for VMware ESXi?

Date August 9, 2010

I'm working on automating some installs that are going to happen during the infrastructure upgrade, and I need to decide what I want to use for automation. I have used Kickstart before, and it's essentially a single file that contains instructions for the RedHat installer (although Debian is in on that action, too). The idea […]