Conference News (LISA and PICC and more!)

This is apparently the “time to schedule your conference trips” part of the year, because there is news on the SysAdmin conference front.

First, and most pressing, the LISA10 conference schedule has been released! I’ve got to say, I’m digging the theme of the website, too. More important, though, is the content. Interestingly, all sessions and tutorials are available in half-day increments this year. This means that you can attend the first half of one session then migrate to another session after lunch. I’ve got mixed feelings about this, but I’m interested in how it will pan out. More flexibility is nice, though, and sometimes the first half of a session is really review (though there are a lot of arguments against that, too).

As always, there are discounts available for certain groups, and you do get a lower admission price if you’re a member of LOPSA, USENIX, or SAGE.

Check out the registration page for the fees. There’s an early-bird special going on until October 18th, so make sure you register soon. The return on investment for this conference is amazing.

I’m going to be there as a conference blogger, along with Matthew Sacks, Ben Cotton, and Marius Ducea. We’ll be publishing entries on the USENIX blog (which I’ll be linking to from here as well, of course).

Come to LISA and have a great time. And if you do decide to come, find me and say hello. I always love meeting readers.

Shifting gears a little bit, I’m sure you remember the PICC conference that LOPSA-NJ hosted. Well, we had a blast, and last year’s conference chair, William Bilancio, did an amazing job. It’s a bit much to do that twice in a row, though, so he was looking for someone to take the responsibility for this year’s conference, and after running it through my head a while, I decided that I’d take the job if he thought I’d do alright. Here’s his email announcing it:

It is with a great sigh of relief that Matt Simmons has decided to be
the Program Chair for PICC ’11.

Last year Matt was the head of the marketing team and did a great job
at getting the word out about the conference and was a key person in
making last years conference a success.

Tom and I feel that he will do a great job as the Program Chair and
will make PICC ’11 a great conference.

In other news I will be getting in contact with the hotel and get the
date locked in, in the next few weeks and then we can start really
working on the conference.

Please start thinking about sponsor ideas as well as any new people
you think will be able to help make PICC ’11 another great conference.

Again thank you Matt for taking PICC ’11 Program Chair job and good luck.


I want to thank William and everyone who was involved with last year’s conference. Everyone I’ve talked to had a great time and has been looking forward to this coming year. I’m going to work hard to try to improve on William’s example, and really grow the community of system administrators in New Jersey and the rest of the northeast. I’m going to need help, though, so if you helped out last year, I’ll be calling on you now. If you weren’t involved last year, now is a great time. Drop me an email or comment on this story to let me know that you’re interested in volunteering. We can definitely use the help.

In addition, I was talking to Lee Damon, who let me know about a SysAdmin conference called “Cascadia IT Conference” (aka “CasITConf”), and it’s happening in the Pacific Northwest. It’s being put on by SASAG, the Seattle-Area System Administrators’ Guild.

So there you go. Three sysadmin conferences in one post. It’s going to be a busy year for everyone, so get involved and lend a hand to someone in your area!