LOPSA Mentorship Program Launched!

I deeply believe that by forming social bonds with others strengthens each of us, and empowers us to do more than we can alone. Because of that, I heavily support LOPSA’s new program of mentorship.

The idea behind this program is that to mature into a capable administrator means interacting with and being guided by experienced professionals. Every successful person has had mentors that they’ve relied upon when they were unsure of themselves. Without that support network, it’s difficult to advance and grow into a well-rounded administrator. We need advisors in our lives, and LOPSA is attempting to provide that to the administrators who are otherwise lacking someone to fill that role.

A successful program needs participants, so if you would like to take part and gain a mentor, then check out the page on becoming a protege. You do not need to be a member of LOPSA to be a protege.

If you are an experienced administrator, and you would like to take a more active role in someone’s career, you should consider becoming a mentor. You do need to be a member of LOPSA in order to be a mentor, but with the current discount, it’s only $35, so register now.

Ernest Hemingway and his friend of many years, Ezra Pound

Everyone does need a mentor, so just because you aren’t a rank amateur doesn’t mean you can’t sign up to be a protege. In the same vein, you don’t need to be a master system administrator to show someone the ropes, and everyone has something to share, so if you have the yearning to help people, you should consider becoming a mentor.

The text of the press release is available at http://www.verticalsysadmin.com/lopsa_mentor.txt.