Windows 8 Poll (from

This poll has been going on for quite a while, and I’m pretty far behind in posting it, so hopefully Michael Pietroforte will forgive me :-)

Most of us have to deal with Windows in one way or another. For me, it’s my end users, and this is the year that I convert them from the now long-in-the-tooth Windows XP to Windows 7.

It’s no good sit on laurels, though, and Microsoft is apparently hard at work on Windows 8. Michael Pietroforte has spent some significant time putting together a survey of what users and administrators want out of the next offering, hopefully to influence the decision makers.

I told him I’d post it here so that you all could weigh in on the topics, too. Before you vote, it’s a good idea to read the source post and get an idea of what the individual topics are referring to.

Take a little bit of time and let people know what you’re looking for in an end-user OS. Thanks!