And so the end-of-the-year rush begins

The past couple of weeks have been crazy. I spent an entire week in Ohio working remotely, then early this week I got caught in a blizzard in Maryland. I escaped, but now that I’m back and I know what needs to be done in the next two weeks, I think I might take my chances with the blizzard…

This whole overarching project of revamping my production installation, adding storage, relocating into multiple racks, and so forth is still going on, and because we’ve actually got a QA process now, it’s going much slower than it would have (and I’ll talk a lot more in-depth about the QA process in a later blog post). Going at a slow and deliberate pace is great for reliability…the problem is that the underlying issues are piling up with us not having migrated yet.

The number one problem is disk space. My SAN storage at my primary site is nearly full. I don’t have a ton of it anyway, but what I do have there is just about through, and I’m out of rabbits to pull out of hats.

Because of this, we’re accelerating the parts of the process that are needed to get the hardware moved and into the new racks, and the additional storage array installed. Which is great! I’d love to do it the 2nd weekend in January…but I can’t. A critical member of the operations staff is leaving for a few weeks on the 7th and I have serious doubts about the volume of data to hold until he gets back…so we’ve got to do it before the 7th.

That leaves three weekends. There’s this coming one, and there’s no way that, even accelerated, anyone feels comfortable doing it that soon. There’s Christmas, but I’m not spending the entirety of Christmas Day away from my wife. That leaves New Years Day. Awesome.

I’ll write more about it as I get a chance.

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    Really you’re only making this harder for yourself.