IT Predictions for 2011

Last year, Nathan Burke, who runs Aprigo (and creator of the NINJA data visualization tool), asked me to come up with a couple of predictions for 2010. Here’s what I said:

Large shops are going to take advantage of ever-increasingly-virtualized hardware-cum-software and increase the complexity of their internal clouds. Small shops are going to continue to wonder why the cloud is a big deal, and they’ll keep dabbling in small-scale virtualization. Startups are going to wonder why anyone ever thought paying for hardware was a good idea.

Before the end of the year, we’re going to start expanded IaaS where a provider not only offers virtualized service infrastructures, but also thin-client based virtualized desktops delivered via VPN, essentially making the clients’ networks themselves virtual within the provider’s cloud.

Oh, and flying cars.

My first prediction was obviously a safe bet. The results? Yes, virtualization has continued to grow unabated, and pretty much along the path that I (and everyone else) anticipated.

With the second one, I sort of went out on a limb. All of the pieces are there to put together services like the one I described, and an entire solution may exist, I just don’t know of it.

And flying cars? Well, technically, but neither I (nor probably you) know someone with one.

This year, Nathan asked me me to chime in on what I thought the next year would hold. I haven’t had a ton of time, but I managed to get a couple more predictions together.

You can check out the blog entry, or just watch the slideshow below: