Entries from January 2011

IANA Finally Out of IPv4 Addresses

Date January 31, 2011

Some people thought it would never happen, but APNIC has received the two triggering blocks in IPv4. With the assignment of these two blocks, the five remaining will be divided among each of the five regional registries. From the article: Please be aware, this will be the final allocation made by IANA under the current […]

Timing is Key

Date January 28, 2011

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but my area in New Jersey has gotten a lot of snow lately. Right now, I’m looking at the back parking lot, and there’s snow around two feet deep everywhere that isn’t plowed or covered by 12 foot plow droppings. Earlier this week, we were at work as we […]

Replacing my load balancers with cheaper solutions

Date January 25, 2011

Did I say cheaper? I really meant free, because cheap is too expensive… I don’t have a big budget. In fact, if you want to get really technical, I don’t have a budget at all – I just sort of have to ask management for everything I want to buy. I’m really hoping that changes […]

Calling All Windows Trainers

Date January 19, 2011

Is everyone sick of hearing about PICC11 yet? No? Good! What I’m looking for right now are trainers for classes. This isn’t the tech session part, with invited talks, papers, and panels…no, this is classroom training provided by professionals who have been there, done that, and MADE the t-shirt. One of the things that I’m […]

PICC11 Interview with Justin Lintz

Date January 15, 2011

Last Tuesday was the NYC LOPSA chapter meeting, and I got a chance to talk to Justin Lintz about PICC, which he attended last year, and will be attending this year. I edited the video using iMovie, and this was the result: If you’re in the northeast US, then you should definitely plan on attending. […]

Preparing environments for new employees

Date January 14, 2011

My company has been hiring for a while, but we’ve had trouble finding qualified candidates. We did extend offers to a couple of people recently, though, so the progress is exciting. We’ve used this lull in hiring to revamp our new-employee experience. It used to be that when you came to work here, I’d give […]