Calling All Windows Trainers

Is everyone sick of hearing about PICC11 yet? No? Good!

What I’m looking for right now are trainers for classes. This isn’t the tech session part, with invited talks, papers, and panels…no, this is classroom training provided by professionals who have been there, done that, and MADE the t-shirt.

One of the things that I’m trying to do with PICC this year is reach out to Windows administrators, and provide value for them at the conference. Plus, aside from strictly Windows administrators, the majority of us (including myself) have a heterogeneous infrastructure anyway. I run multiple Windows servers, including an Active Directory infrastructure and an internally facing IIS server. I can’t afford to bury my head in the sand and pretend like I don’t need to know Windows.

So here’s what I’m looking for…

I want a class on PowerShell for the System Administrator. This language is incredibly powerful, it can manipulate nearly everything in the Windows environment, and far too many people don’t know what it’s capable of. I want a half day class on utilizing it for system administration.

I want a class on Windows Active Directory, and I want the class to cover how to keep AD functioning well, how to deal with disasters, how to backup and restore it, and how to sanely upgrade to the next generations, when they come out.

I also want a class on Windows 7, and how to migrate a corporate infrastructure off of XP. Nearly everyone is running XP still, and just getting their feet wet with Windows 7. I want the class to cover the major differences, what world views need updated, and how to leverage GPOs to really control the system centrally. I’d also like to briefly cover Windows 8 being released next year, and what’s likely to change.

Now, here’s the problem…I know a lot of trainers, but most of the people I know can teach UNIX-related classes, or they teach soft skills. I don’t personally know anyone really qualified to teach any of these classes, and I really, REALLY want these classes at PICC. This is where you come in.

Please Please Please, if you know anyone who you even suspect to be competent to teach these classes, please let them know, and let me know. Email me at [email protected] or drop a comment on this post at Please get me in touch with Windows trainers. I need your help with this.

Thanks very much, and feel free to spread this post around. The more people the see it, the more likely we are to find the people who can teach the classes.

  • I know some great Windows trainers, but they aren’t free, for the most part.

  • @Fred

    Trainers at PICC do get paid. Not a LOT, but we do pay for some travel and an honorarium.

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  • I think the honorarium is huge considering the venue (and I’ve spoken at a lot of conferences).

  • I am glad your giving powershell it’s needed attention in the syadmin community. I know most of us probably prefer bash/perl before powershell but lately it has become my primary scripting tool on windows servers. This is manly due to powershell’s access to wmi, .net classes/methods and it’s object-oriented nature as well.